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Delayed Closing Action

Door closers with a delayed closing action will hold the door open for a set period of time, allowing the user to pass through. Once the set period of time has passed the door will close as normal.

Discharge Range

The distance that a fire extinguisher can "throw" its extinguishing media when discharged. A greater discharge range means that the user can remain further away from the fire, lowering his/her risk of injury.

Discharge Time

The amount of time it takes for an extinguisher to completely discharge its contents.

Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanical device fitted to a door which will close the door once the user has passed through. Door closers are usually found on fire doors to ensure that they are closed in the event of a fire to reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

Dry Powder

ABC Dry Powder is a fire extinguisher agent which is suitable for use on class A, class B and class C fires. It is also suitable for electrical fires.


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